Mark Merritt
Peace of Me

Released October 2005 on CD
Reload Record Company, Ft. Worth, Texas
Catalog Number MM696805
Produced by Mark Merritt and Earl Musick

Recorded and Mixed at RockHouse Studio, Ft. Worth, Texas
Engineered by Earl Musick and Mark Merritt
Assistant Engineers: Darlina Musick, Rick Knepper, John Gomez
Mastered by Billy Stull at Masterpiece Mastering, Wimberley, Texas
Artist Photos by S. Canterbury Campbell and Cathy Zaragoza
Cover Art and Layout by Kristen Hilliard
Web stuff by Mark Merritt
Publishing by Liquid Lady Publishing & Dos Boys Music - BMI / ASCAP
All Songs © Copyright 1998-2005

Mark Merritt: Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano
Earl Musick: Acoustic Guitar
Darlina Musick: Percussion
Alfons LeRoi Davis: Drums (computer drum editing by Mark Merritt)

1. Great Unknown
2. Watered Down, Washed Up
3. If I'm Dreaming
4. Way Past Cool
5. I Can Leave
6. Eyes Wide Open
7. Snappy in 'A'
8. Uneducated
9. Never Run Away
10. Stay The Coursebr>
11. Desperate Man
12. Stay Here (Hidden Track)